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Pakistani Celiac Society was founded in 2009 after a collaborative effort by Dr. Mohsin Rashid and Mr. Sultan Yousaf. Dr. Mohsin Rashid MBBS, MEd, FRCP(C) is a paediatric gastroenterologist and a Professor of Paediatrics & Medical Education, Dalhousie University, Canada who has a personal and professional interest in celiac disease. Sultan Yousaf MBA, is a patient with celiac disease and writes a blog about his gluten-free lifestyle in Pakistan. Dr. Rashid remains the Patron of the Society, providing guidance to the organization regarding scientific medical and nutritional issues. Mr. Yousaf remains actively involved in networking with patients with celiac disease across the country.


What does the logo of the Pakistani Celiac Society represent?

The logo of the Pakistani Celiac Society was developed with the theme of a gluten-free diet.

The green crescent and star symbolize Pakistan, as they are part of the national flag. A branch of wheat represents an example of a grain that contains gluten. The red line is used for a STOP sign and implies prohibition. In summary, the logo signifies that gluten-containing foods are not allowed in the diet of individuals with celiac disease in Pakistan.


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