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Travel Guide TO PAKISTAN

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Wheat is the major staple in Pakistan.  Rice is also widely available but more expensive.  Availability of certified gluten-free foods in Pakistan is limited.  Labeling on products is in English and in most cases packaged food is labeled accurately.  Food items sold as open package or in bulk cannot be guaranteed to be gluten-free. 

Urdu language is widely spoken throughout the country.  In many hotels and restaurants, English is also understood to a limited degree.  While eating at a restaurant, check with the waiter or manager regarding the status of the food. 

Avoid eating naan, roti, paratha, poori and breads as they are all made from wheat.

The following phrases have been prepared for individuals on a gluten-free diet traveling to Pakistan, who may not be familiar with the Urdu language. These can help them communicate or at least convey their message regarding the gluten-free diet easily through Roman Urdu.  There is no direct translation for the words CELIAC or GLUTEN in the Urdu language.


1). I suffer from Celiac Disease.
Mujhai marz celiac (see-lee-ek) hai.

2). I cannot eat any foods containing flours or grains MADE FROM wheat, barley or rye.
Main aisEE koi khorak nahi kha sakta jis mai Gandum, Jo ya rye shamil ho.

3). If i eat these things i can get ill.
In cheezon kai khanaY saY mai beemar ho sakta hoon.
In cheezon kai khanaY saY meri tabiyat kharab ho sakti hai.

4). Does this contain flour MADE FROM wheat, rye, barley or oats?
Kia is maY gandum, rye, jo ya jaee ka aata shamil hai?

5) I can eat foodS containing rice, corn, all kindS of vegetables and fruits, eggs, milk, meatS INCLUDING BEEF, LAMB, CHICKEN, fish AND chickpea flour, as long as they are not cooked with wheat flour and bread crumbs.
Mai chawal, makai, sabziyan, phal, UndaY, doodh, GAI, BAKRA, MURGHI, MACHLI KA gosht aur besan sai banEE khorak kha sakta hun Jab tak yai gandum kaY aataY, maidai aur double roti kay choori sai paak ho.

6). If you are uncertain about what the product/food contains, please tell me.
Agar aap is khanaY kaY ajzaa kaY baaraY main nahi jantaY, to mujhaY bata dEE JEEAY.

7). Please advice which dishes are safe for me.
Mujhai mashwara dE JEEAY kaY konsi dish maYraY lEEaY sahi hai.


8). I CANNOT EAT OR DRINK products made from milk.
MujhaY doodh saY bani ashia istaYmal karnai ki ijazat nahi.

Super markets:

9) Do you sell any gluten-fRee products?
Kia aap koEE BAGHAIR gluten (gluten-free) cheezaIN baichtaY hain?

This Travel Guide has been prepared to help individuals with gluten intolerance. Pakistani Celiac Society has tried to make this document as accurate as possible with phrases commonly used to explain the dietary restrictions. The Society does not accept responsibility for any misinterpretation of information in this guide.


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