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Pakistani Celiac Society


The Pakistani Celiac Society was founded in 2010 by Dr. Mohsin Rashid MBBS, MEd, FRCP and Mr. Sultan Yousaf MBA. Dr. Rashid is a pediatric gastroenterologist and Professor of Pediatrics & Medical Education.

The Society has actively worked to increase awareness of celiac disease in Pakistan by making presentations at various health forums and holding annual meetings in a number of cities. The contributions of Mr. Ahsan Rashid MSc, MBA in advancing the mission of the Society are greatly appreciated. In addition, many patients and health professionals have also worked hard to provide information and support to those with celiac disease.

What does the logo of the Pakistani Celiac Society represent?

The logo of the Pakistani Celiac Society was developed with the theme of a gluten-free diet.

In summary, the logo signifies that gluten-containing foods should not be present in the diet of individuals with celiac disease in Pakistan.

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